Wellbeing at work - Helping to control & prevent stress in the workplace.

There is the personal concern that many employers have for their staff as well as the economic advantage of ensuring staff are mentally well. Providing practical support and professional advice is key to prevent stress related illness and absenteeism.

Boost Staff Morale

My presentations on Managing Stress and the Importance of Sleep provide an interesting way for participants to understand how their brain work with regards to stress. I can tailor presentations to your needs, focusing on relevant topics for your business. For example, coping with uncertainty or change, managing challenging customers, strategies for sleep, resilience.

The impact this could have on your business can be quite significant as Harvard Medical school found that mental health problems have a potentially huge impact in lost productivity.

According to HSE, there was an estimated 28.2 million working days lost due to work related ill health and non-fatal workplace injuries in 2018/19. Stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 12.8 million days and musculoskeletal disorders accounted for 6.9 million days.

Compared with 8.5 million days for injuries and for ill health combined we can see that good mental health is a hugely important area. Absenteeism is an obvious loss to business.  There is also the negative phenomenon of presenteeism – people continuing to work but inefficiently.

Before a person is off sick with stress related illness the negative impact on productivity can be up to 60%.

This is all very concerning both for the individual and for the employers and general economy. The good news is that we are becoming more aware of the need to promote good mental health and ways to do it. A recent WHO study (2016) suggested that for every US$1 invested on scaling up treatment for depression and anxiety it leads to a return of US$4 in better health and ability to work.

The presentations are suitable for small or large groups, businesses, social groups, healthcare professionals and for schools (KS2 upwards).

My presentations are an hour for a talk on Stress Management and the Importance of Sleep or an hour and a half if you’d like me to include a relaxation too. I also offer weekly Mind Management and Guided Relaxation sessions to follow on from these.

I’m comfortable presenting to groups of any size, from small ‘round the table’ groups to lecture theatre size groups. These can be at your workplace or delivered on-line. 

Some of the companies and organisations that I’ve worked with are CIPD, CRUSE Bereavement Counselling, , Gloucestershire Constabulary, Hazlewoods Financial Planning, MNDA and MS charities, many Primary and Secondary schools, QCA, RE Resources, Safehands Recruitment, Superdry, University of Gloucestershire, and WIs all over Gloucestershire.

I won’t make you cluck like a chicken

Public speaking comes naturally to me and I can adapt my style to suit my audience. I am aware that that some people are wary of a talk from a hypnotherapist as they worry I’m going to hypnotise them like in a stage show. Rest assured, I can’t do that as I haven’t seen the need to learn how to. Sceptical people are pleasantly surprised that these informative talks are based on the latest neuroscience and they leave with practical strategies that they can put into place immediately.

I can adapt to your needs

If you’re looking to provide mental wellbeing support in your work place give me a call and we can ensure that what I’m providing is perfect for you. I also offer these on-line.