Quitting Smoking - Creating a smoke free life.

Set yourself free and enjoy the benefits of being the non-smoker you know you really are and can be. I understand how important it is to find the right way for you to stop smoking so I encourage you to give me a call to find out more.

What’s your reason for wanting to stop smoking?

There are so many reasons why people contact me to find out about how hypnotherapy can help them quit smoking. It might be because of health implications, you’re fed up of having to go outside in the cold to smoke, your partner is unhappy about you smoking or you want to use the money for something different or something else entirely.

Over two one-hour sessions you’ll learn about how your brain works with regards to unhelpful habits and changing them. You’ll have a better understanding of why some methods have worked well for you in the past and some not at all but have for friends and family. You’ll leave with strategies to cope with cravings, unforeseen potential triggers and increased hope and confidence that you will be able to make the choses you want to make to become a non-smoker.

Set yourself free and enjoy the benefits of being the non-smoker you know you really are and can be.

I always ask you what the benefits will be for you to stop smoking and you can use this positive list as a reminder and motivator. Clients have commented that they’re surprised and pleased that I don’t really refer to the negative aspects of smoking. There’s no need to as everyone is aware of these. Focusing on negatives only encourages us to operative in our primitive brain. This is the part of the brain that responds with fight (anger), flight (anxiety), freeze (depression). None of which are useful responses to wanting to change an unwanted habit.

The next question that surprises clients is that I ask them what they enjoy about smoking, what benefits does smoking bring to your life? As a non-smoker I initially struggled to consider that there were any benefits. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Some of the responses I’ve had include, it’s relaxing, it gives me a break from the office, a break from my children and even, it reminds me of a happier time. This is where Solution Focused Hypnotherapy really helps clients to achieve their goal of smoking cessation. When you can identify what purpose smoking provides to you, you can start to think about where else you can have this need filled. Together we can explore other options and start to recreate a smoking-free future for you.

There are more people who have quit smoking than there are smokers. If they can do it …...

Hypnotherapy helps you to quit smoking by helping you break the negative behaviours and thinking patterns associated with smoking. Hypnotherapy works by guiding you into a deep, relaxed state. During trance your mind is open to suggestion and change. The talking part of the session, prior to trance will be when you explore what changes you want to make. These are what you will be opening your mind to in trance. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy uses indirect language to support your preferred change, not what I think you should be doing.

You’ll also learn self-hypnosis techniques so that you can continue practicing at home.

The majority of clients contacting me to stop smoking are now through referrals from their friends or family who have successful quit. According to the latest Public Health England report only 14.4% of the adult population smoke. 62% of those who reported that they have ever smoked say they’ve quit – that’s 11.8 million people.

“Life changing experience! Achieved my goal to quit smoking. Staying positive in personal and work life, which reduces stress and helps achieving set goals.”


Be in control of the changes you want to make 

A common perception of what might happen in a quit smoking session is that I will hypnotise you and use language to ‘tell’ you to stop smoking, such as “I do not want a cigarette” “The smell of cigarette smokes makes me feel sick”. Or that I will ask you to imagine smoking a cigarette but imaging an unpleasant smell or taste. This more traditional style of hypnotherapy, known as direct suggestion, can work for some people.

However, this is not the style I practice. Clients who like to be in control of their life and choices, those who do not like to be told by others what to do, find that the Solution Focused method allows them to be very much in control of the changes they want to make.

To find out more give me a call

I understand how important it is to find the right way for you to stop smoking so I encourage you to give me a call to find out more.